Instructions for ABSTRACT preparation

1.Please use the template file named: "Family-name of the corresponding author_version-number.doc". For your
Abstract template, please click Download.

2.Edit the template, be sure to keep the format unchanged from the template.

3.Rename the template file with Abstract file name according to the following scheme: "Family-name of the
corresponding author_version-number.doc".
Please use the version number "_01" for first submitted version, "_02" for the revised submitted version (after revision from the reviewers’ comments)
For example, "Rukkwamsuk_01.doc" for the first submission; however after receiving the reviewers’ comments and revising accordingly, the file name must be "Rukkwamsuk_02.doc"

4. Abstract format instruction
Please strictly adhere to the following format instructions for abstract preparation and submission
- MS-Word Format, and the font must be "Times New Roman"
- Format: Line spacing, alignment is already formatted as in the template.
Please do not change and make sure the template formats are not replaced or lost by cut-and-paste procedures. - Abstract preparation format; please use the formats as follows:

• Title: use the sentence style to create title; the capital letter is used only the start of the title, except
any specific words must be begun with capital letter. The font size is 12pt and bold.
• Insert a blank line of 8pt font size before the names of authors.
• Authorship: Full name with superscripted number for the affiliation of each author. Each author is separated by
a comma. The font size is 12pt.
• Insert a blank line of 8pt font size before the affiliations.
• Affiliations: Full addresses of all authors according to the superscripted number
of each author. The font size is 10pt. • Insert a blank line of 8pt font size before the start of ABSTRACT.
• ABSTRACT – heading in bold capital.
• Insert a blank line of 8 pt font size before the abstract content.
• Abstract content should contain at least, the objective(s) of the study, brief materials and methods, important
findings or results, and some conclusions. Abstract should not address any discussion,
and no references are stated. • Key words: at the end of abstract, please provide at least 3 key words, they must be alphabetically ordered.
• Insert a blank line of 8 pt font size before the Key words.
• Corresponding author: please provide Full Name and an email address of the corresponding author.
Deadline for ABSTRACT Submission : October 25, 2017
Submit your abstract by uploading the file through
the Abstract Submission menu
You will be notified by email within 3 days after submission. If you do not receive any responses within 3 days, please directly contact or +66(0)899182499